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Palace Skateboards The Merchandise

Supposedly, British colonization ended centuries ago. But Palace is proving that the empire is, in fact, alive and well. It’s built a time that rivals any in skateboarding. It’s invaded popular culture to the point where you’ve most likely already seen your favorite rapper and model wearing its clothing. It's put its flag down smack dab in the middle of New York City in the form of a flagship store. And it just added Lucas Puig—who is arguably one of the most gifted street skaters in the world—to the team. The British flag is now a triangle and it’s flying high in most major cities around the globe. Have a look at Palace’s latest release for a glimpse of what the modern British invasion looks like. Palace Skateboards‘ new promo ‘The Merchandise’ sees the whole squad going in, captured in lo-fi glory and heavy on the raw street business for those of you who like your edits grimy. Featuring skateboarding by Blondey McCoy, Rory Milanes, Shawn Powers, Chewy Cannon, Jamal Smith, Lucien Clarke, Benny Fairfax, Danny Brady and Lucas Puig

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